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Regina Location;

1771 Albert Street

(EST; 2018)

Thunder B​ay Location; 

176 Algoma Street South

(EST; 2022)


Wright Ink & Artwork's owner, Melissa has closed her private studio on Red River (EST ;2015), and has joined forces with Kaisa from Earthbound Ink! Together they have opened a shop in Thunder Bay called Metsä! As of December 1st 2022, all tattoos booked with Melissa after this date will be done at this location! 

Thunder Bay

~•°☆ Vendor Pop-Up ☆•°~

The Team at Metsa will have little art tent at the upcoming Thunder Bay Witches Walk event on September 30th!! 

Jewelry, crafts, tattoo flash temporary tattoos (actual tattoo walk-ups pending), prints, stickers, and so much more! 

Along with what we have to offer, swipe to the next page for some amazing event info taking place that evening! 

Thanks for looking, and hope to see you at our shop's first local event!!

Saturday, September 30th ; 4pm to 9pm

Traveling Artists

Regina. SK (Wright Ink) & Thunder Bay, ON (Metsä)

March 2024 dates to be announced soon!! 


~•°☆ Vendor Pop-Up ☆•°~


Get ready for some tabletop strategy games, minis, prints, fungal jewelry, iron work, stickers, and so much more!! 

Both the shop and Twilight Tech, who will be bringing Dance Dance Revolution ( ) will be at Regina's 2023 Sask Expo!! Both of our booths will be across from Artist Alley! 

The Expo runs on the dates posted, between the hours listed below! Hope to see you there Regina!

Saturday, September 23rd; 10am to 6pm

Sunday, September 24th; 10am to 5pm



Member in Good Standing of the 

Regina Chamber of Commerce

Phone: 306-545-8287 | Email:

Wright Ink & Artwork

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